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We design, build and support networks for hundreds of clients throughout the United States. With the added capabilities of CHR’s Managed NOC Services, clients can reduce operational costs, reduce Mean Time To Repair, and more effectively utilize and deploy network engineering assets. Our NOC Services activities include visibility of active trouble tickets, status of alarms and issues, notification, escalation and communication between our NOC and your support staff. In addition, CHR can deploy certified network engineers to assist with technology specific issues.

Managed NOC Services

Maintaining network uptime and continuous network monitoring is critical to any communications service provider. If your network goes down, even partially, it could be disastrous for your business, your customers, and your bottom line.

Managing and monitoring network operations is resource intensive. That's why CHR provides comprehensive Managed Network Operations Services to ensure visibility of Network and IT applications. Our managed NOC Services provides 24x7 Network Monitoring, backed by 24x7 Support.

Data Backup

Server backups are the bread and butter of any data protection installation. Servers are where all the current, recent, and often older data resides. Not just that, but the server is where the applications, operating systems, configurations and system state sit. Protecting these assets is job number one for any IT professional or solution provider.

Data is checked for changes and is backed up to CHR’s Backup & Recovery solution or partner data center and optionally, the Local Speed Vault (a local NAS device). If the internet connection is down, backups are made to the Local Speed Vault and then synchronized up to the cloud when the Internet connection is restored.

We use a hybrid cloud model to maximize the speed, scalability and availability of recovery, whether recovery occurs on-site or at an alternate site.

Disaster Recovery

Proper planning is vital to maintaining the critical business operations of your company during a disaster. CHR’s Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery  (BC/DR) planning programs are designed to help your IT and network business stave off revenue loss, minimize operational downtime, and protect against data loss and corruption during times of crisis. More importantly, our BC/DR programs help protect your most valuable asset-human capital.

An ability to find problems before they either become failures or larger issues has proven invaluable. Seeing a router’s CPU beginning to overload and addressing it, or diagnosing a DDoS firestorm prior to losing your network ensures that continuity. […]

Keith Brain, FairPoint Communications
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