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A network should have someone monitoring its’ usage as well as its Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). It’s a low cost investment for a company to ensure its business continuity with simple software set up to monitor, as well as update the various CPE’s firmware, IOS updates, patches, etc. An ability to find problems before they either become failures or larger issues has proven invaluable. Seeing a router’s CPU beginning to overload and addressing it, or diagnosing a DDoS firestorm prior to losing your network ensures that continuity.

Keith Brain, FairPoint Communications

Cybersecurity is a huge concern for us in our business and CHR gives us the comfort level against any breech. Monitoring keeps us a step ahead in preventing future issues and fixing problems before they arise. With CHR, we are able to have the latest and greatest software programs, which in turn, make our jobs more efficient and streamlined; plus, our overall operating costs and certainly any downtime, if we have data loss or a disaster, is reduced.

Bottom line, CHR saves us money, time and much frustration.

Terri Burns, Haddington Ventures

The result of implementing CHR Support Services provided GCS with expanded 24x7x365 coverage. The solution also provided GCS with the ability to enhance the professional handling of customer issues and timely response of alert notifications. GCS is now able to provide around the clock quality support and has implemented a detailed process and procedure plan to expedite the resolution of customer issues and alert notifications.

Brian Kirby, Global Convergence Solutions

Monitoring is a key function for any company that needs their systems online 24/7 and suffers because of downtime. Having a server down means financial loss and the potential loss of a client. When CHR becomes aware of an issue, they start the remediation process immediately regardless of the time of day. We could not scale, much less run our business properly without 24/7 monitoring – but now we don’t have to worry about that with CHR’s expertise.

Since making the choice to go with CHR, we have already seen the Return on Investment and we are very happy with their continued support of our business.

Ryan Sutton, Kinetix Technology Services

We use CHR for spam filtering, PC and network maintenance, new workstation implementation, and a whole host of other services and CHR has never failed us! I can honestly say that we have had CHR jump through many hoops, calling them on problems ranging from account issues to total system failures. Their team has gone out of their way, even reworking their schedules, to handle our emergencies. To take it one step further, their staff has even learned my voice and phone number making them even friendlier and personable to work with – it’s almost like calling an old high school buddy to talk about the ball game.

CHR gets the job done and follows up to ensure all the problems are fixed as they should be.

Michael Amos, Holiday World RV

After suffering a major outage to our primary web server by a hacker, CHR Solutions' was able to restore our systems and bring us back online using their Cloud Backup solution.  No data was lost and we were back up and running in no time at all. 

Michael Boatner, Connect