Serverless – is it even a word? Not according to my Microsoft Word spell checker, but it is in the IT industry and it exists. Serverless, or Function as a Service (FaaS) is a bit of a misnomer -- it's really about how much you can migrate away from your infrastructure and alleviate some of your admin tasks.

If you’ve already migrated to Office 365, are you getting the most out of it? Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Access to the latest versions of Microsoft Office applications
  • Access to files and email anytime
  • Join meetings anywhere there is a web connection
  • Use of tools from virtually any device
  • Eliminate the need for servers

Wait, what? Servers, as in Plural?

Yes, you are able to abolish multiple servers. More than likely, you’ve already put an end to the Exchange server, but many enterprises are still maintaining a Windows File server. Office 365 includes file sharing tools that allow you to eliminate that file server as well. SharePoint and OneDrive are tools that provide a file sharing and folder level security.

It’s an SMB advantage – no server cost and expense; no need for backups (SharePoint does this automatically); users can access files from anywhere, anytime; permissions and workflows can streamline business processes; and – you’re already paying for it with Office 365!

Manage Your Business, Not Your Servers
SharePoint and OneDrive are great tools for collaboration and document management with no server to maintain. There are some limitations that may need to be taken into account, such as file sizes and storage capacity but it’s worth looking into. Call your Managed IT provider today and ask them to analyze your business to see if moving to a file server alternative is right for you.

David Raucher, Director of IT and Managed Services
CHR Solutions